Welcome to Yankee in Yorkshire


This blog is dedicated to my experiences of British culture, my insights into the British character and my explorations of how my own up-bringing as an American makes me profoundly different from those I interact with daily.  I cannot say I prefer one culture or country to another because they are so different.  Both have shaped me into the person I am now.  I hope to separate the Yankee parts and Yorkshire parts to see how each one ticks away inside me and examine what makes us similar and different.  I hope to give fellow Yankees a taste of what life in Britain is like and to give a sample of true American character to British readers. 

Here you will find photographs of my life in the UK, recipes, tourist advice, interviews and regular reports from the field.  Bear in mind I represent no one but myself—experiences of Britain and Yankee opinions may vary.  I welcome all constructive commentary on the topics addressed.