About Katharine Elmer

mememememe improvedblogKatharine Elmer grew up in the cornfields of the American Mid-West, relocating to the moorlands of Yorkshire after meeting her soul mate on-line at a Xena Warrior Princess Fan site.  In the blogverse she writes Yankee in Yorkshire and contributes to Doctor Her.  In the actualverse, Ms Elmer teaches English and Drama, where she enjoys adapting classical scripts for her pupils.

For further bio see Katharine Elmer.


3 thoughts on “About Katharine Elmer

  1. Hi Kate, just to say hi and that I’m a Lincolnshire lass who is 1/4 American, of Swedish and a bit of Native American in that bit, so just thought I’d say hi as much of my head is filled with American stuff! 🙂 My Nanna “met” a GI in the war, hence my Dad, and I managed to trace him (a week after he died) but am in touch with my family in Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and all sorts. I’m going out doing genealogy talks about it which will be cool. I’ve managed to find some Native American descent folks in Lincolnshire and have started learning the traditional dancing, singing etc. well cool! I went to Huddersfield Uni, so the accents your way must have been tough to get to grips with! Lovin ya people!

    • Native Americans in Lincolnshire! Wow. Minnesota is beautiful country. I’ve never been to the Dakotas but my mother used to holiday there as a kid in the Black Hills. Spread the multicultural magic!

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