Ode To Snowdrops

The following includes an extract from my novel A Circle of Lost Sisters and photographs by Paul Elmer.

snowdrops blog

Ingrid arranged to meet Leighton at The Swan Café in the village of St Agnes Kirkmore, which lay at the foot of Kirk Moor—the largest if not the highest of The Fells.

snowdroplog blogThe day was pleasant for February and a pale sun offered hints of the coming Spring.

snowdrop patch blogClusters of white Snowdrops gathered to swap stories of their long hiatus.

snowdropwoods1 blogTiny buds tested their strength along the bare limbs of welcoming trees.

snowdrops2blogSoon Crocuses would carpet the landscape, birds would warm up their mating songs and baby lambs would annoy their lazy mothers with demanding mouths and bouncing bodies that danced for joy with the discovery of what their brand new legs could do.

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