Up the Whitby 199

On the East Coast of Yorkshire is one of my favourite places in the world: Whitby.  One of the most startling attraction of this seaside town is the famous 199 Steps to Whitby Abbey.      Of course, my family and I had to meet the challenge. Even three-year old Juliet was up for the big climb!  If you chance to visit Whitby, here is what you can expect from the obligatory tourist climb up East Cliff.

The first site as you ascend is a sculpture of a fisherman tending his nets. 

Half-way up, be sure to look out on Whitby harbour.  You can catch your breath under the auspices of “checking out the view”.

If possible, bring some younger, fitter friends to cheer you on.  Nearly there!

At least!  You made it up all 199 steps of East Cliff.

At the top of East Cliff the first thing you see is Caedmon’s Cross.

The single most Emo Goth vista in England greets you as you turn around: Whitby Abbey.  Dracula fans flock here to look pale and melancholy.  The town is actually host to a Goth Weekend twice a year.

But if Captain Cook is more your thing, leave the black clad behind to sail on a mini replica of Endeavour.

Scarborough may have better beaches, but Whitby has more class and historical interest which makes it my place to go in East Yorkshire.  Or maybe I am just Goth at heart.

3 thoughts on “Up the Whitby 199

  1. Just try not to go during a bank holiday weekend, or you’ll be run over by the families rushing to get to the beach and the arcades. Although even that has a certain retro charm.

  2. and climbing those steps is even more fun if the weather is drizzling and blowing. Actually, can’t wait to get back there.

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