Photo Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe

Across the Globe fans of the Bard gear up to celebrate his “birth” and “death” day on the 23rd of April.  In the first of my celebrations honouring Shakespeare and St George, enjoy this photo tour of the reconstructed Globe Theatre on London’s Bankside.

The Reconstructed Globe Theatre includes the theatre itself and an extensive museum.  It was Sam Wannamaker’s labour of love, though he died before its completion.

I like to believe he sits somewhere in the God Machine looking down on all he created.

The Globe’s production of Titus Andronicus makes my top five theatre experiences.  I stood in the Yard as a Groundling, close enough to feel nauseous at Lavinia’s bleeding tongue.  And yes, we got rained on.  It was awesome!

If I had been quite posh I might have sat in the Gentlemen’s Boxes.  These are still a work in progress, the painted walls showing images from the plays and poems.

The ceiling above the stage is the Heavens, painted to represent the night sky.  The zodiac circles the trap door.

Every possible detail of The Globe was constructed with historical accuracy.  Notice the wooden peg holding up the beams above the stalls.

The walls are made of a plaster constructed with dung and horse hair.  No, it doesn’t smell.

When I first visited The Globe they attempted to cover the Yard with nut shells (which made it very bouncy), but there were drainage issues and now it is cemented.

I cannot recommend ENOUGH a visit to The Globe for a tour and performance!  If you have any love for Shakespeare it is a spiritual experience.  If you could care less, it will make you a believer!


One thought on “Photo Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe

  1. great photos. the elizabethans would’ve been horrified at walking on concrete instead of hazelnut shells. but that’s showbiz.

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