Mothering Sunday

Sometimes I cannot help thinking the British are just ornery.  They drive on the wrong side of the road, they call fries chips then chips crisps and refuse to accept the existence of iced tea.  But all these crimes pale in significance to Mothering Sunday.

In England Mothering Sunday is always observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent.  In most ways it resembles American Mother’s Day: you are expected to deliver flowers/chocolate and a homemade card with a sloppy hand print to the woman who made you possible.  One problem: IT’S IN THE WRONG BLOODY MONTH!

My Mother lives in America where they celebrate in May.  Invariably what happens is that I remember to call her on the fourth Sunday in Lent because that is when everyone else around me contacts their Mothers.  She sounds pleased but slightly confused and we have a pleasant chat.  Then when American Mother’s Day actually comes around and she expects said phone call/flowers/hand print I never remember because the British are just plain ornery about it.

It is difficult enough for an ex-pat only child like me to be so far away from my Mommy when I get a booboo and need her special hot chocolate made on the stove with actual milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon, but to then force so much confusion on me as to when I am meant to contact her and say thanks for all the cocoa!  It’s just rude, Britain!  Sort yourselves out and just conform to America like everyone else does.  It’s not like you thought of it first or anything!

What do you mean you’ve been celebrating Mothering Sunday since before my country was born?

Started in the sixteenth century?  No way!


Sometimes I cannot help thinking the Americans are just ornery.

Happy Mothering Sunday, Mom!


9 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday

  1. Do you ornery colonials at least have the sense to celebrate it on the same day each year, instead of it wandering about in a fashion that seems totally random to anyone not immersed in the intricacies of the church calendar?

  2. Yes, we silly Colonials always celebrate it on a Sunday in May. Can’t remember which one. By the way, I am Kate’s father. One of the silliest Colonials ever.

    • If you want entertainment, go to the Magpie in Whitby some summer day and ask for iced tea. The entertainment comes if the silly confused waitress actually says “yes”, then tries to figure what you could possibly mean.

  3. My mother made the mistake of ordering iced tea once whilst in Whitby (lovely seaside town). The waitress brisked off to the kitchen and returned (after a lengthy conversation with several people no doubt) with a small pot of recently boiled water containing a bobbing tea bag and a glass with a single ice cube in it.

    • so, I should read all the comments before I respond?
      and Happy Mothering Sunday to you, too.
      they’re not going to move it to any part of Lent here, because some people (you listening, Mom?) give up chocolate.

  4. Iced tea IS just barmy ! My quiet American has just returned there (i’ll join her shortly) and is delighted to be able to get iced tea simply everywhere, but is missing her vegemite (heehee, yes! A rare Yankee convert!) As for some bizarre reason the land of the sweet tooth has decided that vegemite poses a threat to national (food) security ! I will of course be forced to try to smuggle some in on or about my person, as you may take my freedom, but you will never take away my black tar salty spread!!!
    ….aherm….. Uh yes, those damn Brits, just plain ornery !

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