March of the Barmy Floral Army

Spring has always been my favourite time of  year.  Since moving to Yorkshire it has become even more of a blessed seasonal event.  From the moment Snowdrops first appear like Spring scouts in the early days of February, the landscape has me enchanted.  They are a sure sign dark days are numbered.

Snowdrops are but a tantalising taster before the flowery militia of crocuses.  It starts as the advance guard of white and yellow blossoms peak questing noses through the green turf.  They only want to smell if the time is right…if the world is ready.

These yellow and white little petal heads are soon joined by purple and lavender blooms which march mercilessly over the countryside.  Within a fortnight, they will have invaded every square inch of ground.  A delicate army intent on full-floral takeover.

Daffodils join the charge of Spring’s onslaught.  They tower over their ground-loving comrades, marking the edges of paths and low stone walls like sentinels who force Winter’s chill intentions to heel.

Prettiest military coup ever.

Photographs courtesy of Katie Jo Kinsey.


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